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About Premier

Premier Business Solutions, Inc. was established in 1995 as an infrastructure consulting organization with a core focus in the electronic messaging space, and since then has built a first rate reputation on delivering worldwide infrastructure deployments to Fortune 50 clients.  Priding itself on the ability to hire, train, and retain best-of-breed technologists and project managers, Premier maintains a position of the highest authority in the architecture and deployment of networking and server applications, bringing to its clients an unsurpassed knowledgeable team of experts and professionals.

In 2001, with the exploding growth of small to medium sized businesses and the increased accessibility for those companies to the Internet, Premier was an early leader when it launched an Application Service Provider (ASP) division to the market which delivered hosted messaging and collaboration, using Microsoft Exchange. With Premier's expert knowledge, wealth of expertise, and proven track record of designing and deploying global corporate messaging systems, the opportunity to provide the same robust infrastructure to small and medium sized businesses over the Internet became a natural next step.

Over the next 20 years, Premier continued to grow and support enterprises with their in house data center designs, infrastructure equipment, network and wireless deployments, as well as their connectivity from their edge to the Internet and migrations to the cloud.

Today, as a trusted partner and advisor to its clients, Premier Business Solutions, Inc. continues to design, deploy, and support companies, both large and small, in house and though hosting, by providing its clients with indispensable tools to help grow their businesses.

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